AST’s Courses rely on the volunteerism of our dedicated staff of instructors. The following people have generously provided their time and talent as instructors.



Lead Instructors

Assistant Instructors

Anne-Marie Charrett Perze Ababa
Selena Delesie Scott Allman
Doug Hoffman Adriano Comai
Michael Larsen Ru Cindrea
Brett Leonard Geir Gulbrandsen
Dave Liebreich Paul Johnston
Dave Liebreich Mohamed Lahrech
Iain McCowatt Georg Lysen
John McConda Brian Osman
Jane Owen
Harles Paesüld
Dee Ann Pizzica
Justin Rohrman
Pete Walen
Christin Wiedemann

Bug Advocacy

Doug Hoffman Adriano Comai
Michael Larsen Johan Jonasson
Dee Ann Pizzica Dave Leibreich
Iain McCowett
Ray Oei
Justin Rohrman

Test Design

Doug Hoffman Scott Allman
Cem Kaner Adriano Comai
Michael Larsen Dave Liebreich
Iain McCowett
Ray Oei

Instructors Course

Doug Hoffman  Ray Oei
Michael Larsen


We’d also like to acknowledge the following people for their generous contributions in the past:

For Instructional Support: Scott Barber, Cem Kaner, Paul Carvalho, Elaine Conway, Becky Fiedler, Morven Gentleman, Jeff Fry, Jon Hagar, Linda Hamm, Paul Hayes, AnneMarie Martin, Jen McCann,  Pat McGee, Louise Perold, Meeta Prakash, and Ben Simo.

For Technical Support: Ayuba Audu; Scott Barber, Tim Coulter, Ben Knowles, Brian Ramos, John Rodgers, and Andy Tinkham.


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