Learning Objectives

Too many testing courses emphasize a superficial knowledge of basic ideas. This makes things easy for novices and reassures some practitioners that they understand the field. However, it’s not deep enough to help students apply what they learn to their day-to-day work.

The BBST® series will attempt to foster a deeper level of learning by giving students more opportunities to practice, discuss, and evaluate what they are learning. The specific learning objectives will vary from course to course (each course will describe its own learning objectives).

It is important to recognize that the teaching material at the more basic levels (e.g. remembering, understanding) provides a weak foundation for higher-level work. Giving an exam that checks whether someone can remember or explain a concept tells you little or nothing about whether they can apply it, analyze or evaluate situations in terms of it, or create test materials using it. If you want to foster the use of what is learned at a level of cognitive depth, you have to teach to that level. If you want to find out whether your teaching was successful, you have to examine at that level.

This is what we strive to do with the BBST® Courses.


Background on BBST®

The AST-BBST courses are based on videos from The Center for Software Testing Education & Research (CSTER) with additional study aids and support from live instructors. The videos are available online at www.testingeducation.org/BBST. Review this site for more information about the month-long coached courses.


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