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Latest news and events

AST Board Nominations Open for 2019-2020

The Association for Software Testing is looking for new board members and just yesterday announced the the nomination period for the 2019-2020 AST Board of Directors (BOD) is now open. If you are thinking to yourself: How much time does it take to be a board member?...

Webinar: The Often Overlooked Test Oracle: The Key to More Powerful Testing with Doug Hoffman

May 2019 Webinar: There is a generally overlooked component in testing that might be compared with our autonomic nervous system. Like the autonomic functions, we don't think about them, but things don’t work at all without them. Every test requires some kind of oracle...

Webinar: Building a Data-Centric Modern Quality Culture with Brent Jensen

February 2019 Webinar: We are kicking off "Season 2" of the AST Webinar series with Brent Jensen (one half of the AB Testing Podcast duo and long time Microsoft veteran) talking about how people in Test roles can leverage their passion for the Customer and begin their...

2019 AST-BBST Pricing Changes

For 2019 we are making a few pricing changes for AST-BBST. Effective immediately: All classes for AST members are now $299. All classes for non-AST members are $499. Uniform Pricing Our goal here was to simplify things by making all classes the same price. Previously...

BREWT #2 Experience Report

The following is an Experience Report submitted by Zeger Van Hese, who convened a peer workshop / conference in December of 2018 that was supported by the AST Grant Program. This was originally published on BREWT Peer Conference website. This year we organised the...

Webinar: API Testing: From Entry Level to a PhD in 40mins with Jason Ioannides

November 2018 Webinar: Join us on Tuesday, November 6th at 10:00am PST to learn about API Testing: From Entry Level to a PhD in 40mins! Have you seen a recent job posting for a Tester or QA Engineer? The majority of job descriptions have some requirement for API...

Webinar: The Well Architected Automation Framework with Adam Goucher

October 2018 Webinar: Test automation talks tend to focus on dealing with flakey tests, reducing runtime, etc. even after most of those problems had credible solutions 5+ years ago. What doesn’t get discussed at automation events is where their automation is run and...

Webinar: Teaching and Coaching Exploratory Testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi

September 2018 Webinar: How would you test this? This is the leading question to the way Maaret has been passing on what she's learned on testing, giving people real software problems to work on that illustrate important skills on testing. There is a lot of talk...

NWEWT #3 Experience Report

The following is an Experience Report submitted by Duncan Nisbet, who convened a peer workshop I earlier this month, and was supported by the AST Grant Program. The 3rd installment of the North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing (NWEWT) has wrapped up & I’ve now...

Super Experienced Testers in a Millennial World

The following is an Experience Report submitted by Bernie Berger, who convened a peer workshop in New York earlier this month, and was supported by the AST Grant Program. June 3rd 2018, NYC The day started over a light breakfast of bagels and coffee, as the...