I work with many different computers between home and work and have found that Microsoft Live Mesh has been a nice addition to my computers. Mesh allows me to specify one or more directories which should be synchronized between all the various computers I’m using.

Thus far, I’ve used it to allow me to write performance reviews on any of my typical computers, knowing that the written results will be synchronized with my other computers so I can continue writing elsewhere.

I’m now attempting to use it to synchronize my “3×5” cards electronically. I usually carry a stack of 3×5 paper cards in my pocket for idea and task capture. When those cards need to live a little longer than they would normally sit in my pocket, I’m writing them to a file (in emacs “org mode“) which let’s me shuffle, stack and move them almost as easily as I can move them on a table. With that file synchronized between my various computers, I hope to lose fewer cards, and have a more clear idea of priorities at any computer I use.