Casino Bug

As testers we talk a lot about bugs and how they can/do reduce value in our products and projects. Well here is an example of a bug that incorrectly increased a monetarily value, which decreased the software’s value.
Woman Wins $20.18 instead of …

Heuristic Value is a Relationship

One of the comments on my post about The Esssence of Heuristics went like this:
“An excellent example of a heuristic is a hammer.”

Ecstasy is your friend: it picks you up at the airport.
Non heuristics that can help an expert solve a problem, without being a guarantee – an abridged list:
* Money
* Time
* Expertise
* […]

What is AU2H? (and why I cared)

Agile Up to Here:  an experience report If you haven’t heard the term “Agilistry”, don’t worry, it’s not a new development methodology you have to learn in order to be current, but there is a good chance you will be hearing more about it.  Agilistry is the name for a training space in Pleasanton, CA, […]

Three New Testing Heuristics

A lot of what I do is give names to testing behaviors and patterns that have been around a long time but that people are not systematically studying or using. I’m not seeking to create a standard language, but simply by applying some kind of terminology, I want to make these patterns easier to apply […]

The Essence of Heuristics

Excellent testing requires skill, but heuristics give structure to that skill. Heuristics help us access our skills under pressure.
A heuristic is a fallible method of solving a problem or making a decision. Cem Kaner and I came to this definition based on an extensive search of papers and books across fifty years of psychology and […]