A couple of articles, coming at you

I’ve always felt that the test automation literature is a little … odd.On the one hand, you have the floofly high-level tutorial, written so that it applies to every test tool. By trying to apply to every tool, the tutorial isn’t specific enough to …

What Makes a Superstar Tester

My presentation entitled “Cutting the Mustard: Striving to Become a Superstar Tester” has been accepted at the CAST 2010 Conference in August of this year. I’ve already written the paper and put together the presentation for this conference; however, the work involved in putting this together got me thinking. I am wondering what other testers […]

Awards and Decorations

A little over ten years ago I interviewed for a developer job with Steve Hoek, at a tiny division of McGraw-Hill. Steve asked me if I saw myself collecting an award in five years – what would it be?I replied that I’d like it to be some sort of industr…

How Challenging Each Other Helps the Craft

Regular readers know that I’m dissatisfied with the state of the testing industry. It’s a shambles, and will continue to be as long as middle managers in big companies continue to be fat juicy targets for scam-artists (large tool vendors, consulting firms, and certain “professional” organizations) and well-meaning cargo cultists (such as those who think […]

Firmware is software

I regularly work with hardware that interacts with the software (not off the shelf PC hardware, custom hardware device). Over the years the hardware I work with has gotten more complex, which also means the firmware has gotten bigger and more complex. What’s interesting is that some people view firmware and software as unrelated and […]