In the Land of the Dacians

Alex Rotaru is a precise, lawful man. Apparently this is not common in Romania, judging by the other drivers. A pickup truck charges by us at high speed, “DACIA” emblazoned on its tailgate. It weaves in front of us to miss oncoming traffic by no more than a few feet.
“You see what I mean? He’s […]

I’ve Been Cartooned!

If you haven’t checked out Cartoon Tester Andy Glover you are really missing out. Andy creates hilarious cartoon blog posts on his site. A few months back he posted a call for readers of his blog to create their own cartoons. Having been a long time fan of Andy’s site I had tried creating a […]

TWIST #18: From Vegas With "LOVE"

Sorry for being so quiet this week. I think this is the first time I’ve gone a week between posts. Just a lot going on at work and I’m just feeling really, well, exhausted. On the TWiST front, though, we decided to start playing with the idea of doin…

On Skill

I just got back from the software test and performance conference in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada – conference write-up here.Just after I got back from the conference, we started talking about skill on the software-testing discussion list, and I posted …