Janus Part 1: Looking Back 2011

One of the benefits of taking four years of Latin is that you pick up all kinds of interesting things that many other folks may miss.  Then again, an awful lot of people don’t worry too much that “i.e.” is an abbreviation of “id est” or, “that is”…

Here Comes 2012

Has it really been more than 2 months since the last time I posted to this blog? I guess it has. As is my custom, I’ve been thinking about the past year and what I want to do differently in the upcoming year. The past year has been hectic. And yet, I’m not sure I […]

A testing challenge

Yesterday James Bach rumored around a link to a test case execution time calculator. Besides the fact that it’s complete non-sense to use such a thing for professional testing, I started to play around a bit. I ended up with … Continue reading

Opening Up New Possibilities

The Salvation Army Truck Came, and They Took the Beautiful Monster Away…sounds like the opening line of The Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town”.In a way, I feel a little misty today. While just a couple of days ago, I said I was fine with my de…