An Oldie But Goodie

Back in 2006, I was blogging on the Radio Userland platform. In that year I was reading a lot and writing a lot of book reviews as blog posts. Today I came upon an old one that I thought I would put on this blog. Enjoy: The Polaris System Development (Harvey M. Sapolsky) This book […]

International SPIES in Testing

By: Nancy Kelln The complexity of translation testing is often overlooked. In past projects I’ve heard – “All we need to do is check that everything is in French and there is no missing content on any of the pages”. Ha! If only it were that easy! There are many...

Weekend Testing Double Header

So today is a double shot of Weekend Testing!

I hosted a Weekend testing event this morning/afternoon with Weekend Tester’s Americas (and we had a pretty excellent turnout, too, 23 attendees!), and I’m also attending the Weekend Testing Australia New…