It *was* a big deal

Last February I blogged a bit about privacy issues with Google Buzz.While there was a fair amount of interest, at the time, the general response was “meh.”Well, It’s been a year, and the chips have fallen.After a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission…

New Article

SoftwareQualityConnection just published my second article for them, Three Years of Scrum At Socialtext. I hope you enjoy it.

Weekend Testing Americas #9 This Saturday

Hoping to make sure that more people know about the sessions are are alerted enough in advance to be able to participate in them. Our next session for Weekend Testing Americas will be held this coming Saturday, April 2nd, 2011.

While we keep the sessi…

CAST 2011

CAST 2011 is coming. If you are serious about testing, you want to be a part of it. It’s not your ordinary conference. This is a gathering of people with a true passion for testing. People who focus on skills, not just words.
CAST is the annual conference of the Association for Software Testing. It’s happening […]