CAST 2013 – Theme & CFP

Theme The theme for CAST 2013 is “Old Lessons applied and new lessons learned: advancing the practice and building a foundation for the future.” What we learn from our experiences helps shape us as human beings. What we learn from the experiences of others can give us...

Bad Metrics

I have talked about and against bad metrics during my Rapid Software Testing courses and at conferences for a couple of years now. The “Lightning Talk” metrics rant that I did at CAST 2011 is available on YouTube (click here

Testing Tools Mash-Ups

One of the three things that bring innovations, is copulation. That’s basically two already good ideas having sex with each other. I learned this from Jerry Weinberg’s Becoming a technical leader. The longer I stay in test automation and agile, though, I think this does not hold for combinations of testing tools, like a testing […]