By golly this Oatmeal comic is BANG ON

Was stumbling through StumbleUpon (as you do), when I came across this:How to make your shopping cart suck less. (Here’s the first picture of the comic)I read it and thought So true!Kept on reading and I kept on relating to all the things the author wa…

Weekend Testing ANZ is Back!

Earlier today Weekend Testing ANZ was re-ignited. A global group of 19 tester came together to test, share and learn. It was a truly amazing experience.  It was my first time facilitating a Weekend Testing session, so I was nervous to say the least. I was unsure if anyone was going to turn up at […]

Reuniting With an Old Friend: Rapid Reporter

A few years ago, I was introduced to a nifty little tool for Exploratory testing and session based test management. That tool was Rapid Reporter, created and curated by Shmuel Gershon. It is a deceptively simple tool, in that it has a very limited inte…

Weekend Testing Australia/New Zealand: Reloaded

This evening (well, this evening for me, your time most certainly will vary), we will witness the return of Weekend Testing Australia/New Zealand (WTANZ)!When Marlena Compton made her trek across the Pacific from Sydney to San Francisco, WTANZ went int…

Three Phases of Testing Experience

This is a quick replay of a response I gave to a new employee about what it meant to be a tester. Posting here as it’s far easier than tweeting. Phase 1: DO testing – Someone tells you what to…Read more ›