BBST foundations: time is on my side

In this blog post you will read about my experience on BBST foundations course. More information about course could be found here. I successfully completed the course.Why is this better than ISTQB?I have not taken ISTQB foundations certification exam, …

If You Want to Get Ahead

“Testing helmets the old fashion way” the tweet said.”It’d be better if that was a brick wall” one of my team said.”Yeah, that is what the specs asked for” I said.And how we all laughed, for just a little too long, those sad chuckles of shared rec…

Last call for WTST 2014

This year’s Workshop on Teaching Software Testing is focused on designing and teaching advanced courses in software testing. It is in sunny Florida, in late January 2014. Right after WTST, we will teach a 5-day pilot of the Domain Testing course. You can apply to attend either one. We expect the WTST discussion to flow […]

To The New Tester

About once a week, I get an email like one of these: Hi James, I’m from Hyderabad, India. I’m working as a Testing Engineer and doing Manual Testing from the Last 1 Year. I want to know what are things I need to follow to become a good tester. I didn’t have any programming background. […]