Adjusting to Working in a Cross-Functional Team Part II (Nicky Tests Software)

On April 27, 2015, in Syndicated, by Association for Software Testing

Adjusting to working in my second team at Vend

Since my last blog post I’ve started working on another project as well. I currently work part-time on two projects at Vend. I’ve had to adjust to working in another team. The setup is a bit different here as there are now two testers and four developers (slightly better dev:tester ratio than previously).

At Vend, we’re given a fair bit of power on how we operate as a team – which means that each team is different. The product teams all tend to be of (somewhat) similar size, they all have a Product Analyst, Designer, Product Manager, Developer and QA involved in the project and they are all working towards a product.

But that’s where the similarities stop.

Some teams are distributed across more than one city (like the one I just started working in). This means a fair bit more communication is done through the instant messaging app we use and we use an online Visual Management Board instead of a physical one.

Adjusting to working in the second team means I’ve had to throw away a few assumptions I had about working in a product team at Vend. When I’m unsure of how it works in this new team, I just ask. Up until about a month ago, my “reality” of working at Vend was solely based on working in one team – but that has changed.

Our shared baby

Working in a cross-functional team has made me think of the concept of our shared baby. The feature we are working on being the baby.

I used to think that different artefacts like code, test cases, project plans etc belong solely to the person who was in charge of them.  Before I started working in a cross-functional team,  the code was the developer’s baby and the project plan was the Project Manager’s baby etc. But now I work in a cross-functional team(s), I believe this isn’t the case.

As a project team we worked on the design , I actively seek input from the rest of my team on how to approach testing and we set timelines together (I even have a senior developer in one of my teams advocate for testing time alongside with me).

What I like about this, is the stress on the fact we are a team. We are bringing up this baby together. Now that one of the features (I’m currently on) has gone live – I enjoy watching it take its first steps.

This is Part II of II, here’s the link to Part I


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