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Latest news and events

Webinar: API Testing: From Entry Level to a PhD in 40mins with Jason Ioannides

November 2018 Webinar: Join us on Tuesday, November 6th at 10:00am PST to learn about API Testing: From Entry Level to a PhD in 40mins! Have you seen a recent job posting for a Tester or QA Engineer? The majority of job descriptions have some requirement for API...

Webinar: The Well Architected Automation Framework with Adam Goucher

October 2018 Webinar: Test automation talks tend to focus on dealing with flakey tests, reducing runtime, etc. even after most of those problems had credible solutions 5+ years ago. What doesn’t get discussed at automation events is where their automation is run and...

Webinar: Teaching and Coaching Exploratory Testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi

September 2018 Webinar: How would you test this? This is the leading question to the way Maaret has been passing on what she's learned on testing, giving people real software problems to work on that illustrate important skills on testing. There is a lot of talk...

NWEWT #3 Experience Report

The following is an Experience Report submitted by Duncan Nisbet, who convened a peer workshop I earlier this month, and was supported by the AST Grant Program. The 3rd installment of the North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing (NWEWT) has wrapped up & I’ve now...

AST 2018-2019 Board Nominees Open

The nomination period for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors (BOD) is now open. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to the BOD election slate, please be aware of the AST Bylaws, which are explicit: Nominees must have become AST Members prior to August...

Webinar: Testing the Right Path Well with Rob Sabourin

April 2018 Webinar: Join us on Monday, April 2nd at 10:00am PST for the AST's presentation of "Testing the Right Path Well" also known as A Context Driven Solution to a Death March Problem with Path-Based Test Design with Rob Sabourin. Software testing is hard....

Webinar: The (AB)use and Misuse of Test Automation with Alan Page

February 2018 Webinar: If you’re a tester who codes, chances are a big chunk of your job involves test automation - specifically writing tests that automate the user workflow. As a two-decade (and counting) veteran of software testing, Alan Page has seen a huge number...

Webinar: The Three Pillars of Expert Test Leadership: Driving Projects, Process and People with Anna Royzman

January 2018 Webinar: This webinar (register here) is designed for the modern test leader. Whether you are responsible for establishing a testing practice in your organization, managing test processes or people, defining testing strategies for your team, coaching...

The Pothole of Excessive Automation

Paul Holland picked up where lunch left off, with some basic reminders. Automation will not increase coverage, decrease costs, save time, or allow an org to reduce headcount, but it will let you do a lot of repetitive steps in sequence repetitively and very fast. In...

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