Call for Volunteers – AST Webinar Series

Call for Volunteers – AST Webinar Series

Part of the role of the Association for Software is creating a flow of information for the software testing community. For the past year, we have been running an experiment in webinars. We quickly learned a lesson; board members can not run programs that benefit the...

Thinking about the fraud against Target

I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today: Basically, the theory presented in the article is that there are these wonderful credit/debit cards with embedded chips that are much more secure than the current system. If only Target (and other retailers) had adopted these, we would have less fraud. Apparently, the […]

Questioning My Expertise

It’s been while since I’ve posted anything. Again, that’s both on purpose and not. I felt the need to disconnect for a bit and take care of some other things in and around my life that have, frankly, suffered a bit from neglect (my home, my yard, some …