MBTI – often misunderstood (slightly ranty)

Not long ago I had a late night discussion concerning Myers-Briggs and the "pseudo-science" behind it (it is based on Jung’s work, which is admittedly a bit outdated, but it wasn’t when M & B did their work). A few days later I came across independent tweets, one telling awful stories about how companies abuse the MBTI and the other about "how to deal with your introvert in your team", or

I’m officially a mentor

I am proud to have become a mentor on the Speak Easy program.

Over the years I have spent a bit of my spare time to coach and consult with primarily younger testers from around the world, and I have enjoyed that immensely. When I found the Speak-Easy…

Observations from EuroSTAR 2013

Only just returned and with the first cup of coffee – mostly still in the cup – my head is buzzing with impressions, images of people I met, presentations, quotes and all. This post will try to capture as much of this as possible.

Friday morning I happened to eat breakfast with Dot Graham and John Stevenson and of course we reflected upon the conference. I put forward a notion of feeling that "

Problem patterns

I had a puzzling problem. I had noted for some time that one particular automated scenario often failed and yesterday it was time to dig deeper into that. The scenario was very simple: it searched for and displayed a persons name and address, then it …