Learning Theory Tidbits

TL;DR This post is overview of chapter Learning Theory Tidbits from Black Box Software Testing Instructor’s Manual by, Rebecca L. Fiedler, Cem Kaner and Douglas Hoffman. It explains and contrasts learning theories and it helps you to understand h…

Is Rapid Software Testing Course For Me?

TL:DR Michael Bolton held in October latest version of Rapid Software Testing Course here in Zagreb. On latest Testival Meetup one Kreso gave a talk how that course transformed him as a tester. At the end of talk, there was… Continue Reading →

How To Grow Up To Be Successful Agilists.

TL;DR Once upon a time I asked Michael Bolton what should I read in order to improve my software testing. The answer was: Everything from Jerry Weinberg. This post is a collection of quotes from Gerald M. Weinberg book Agile… Continue Reading &#8…

Review Of Kindle Notes Feature Set

TL;DR As I am reading books in order to improve my software testing skills, I am in quest for efficient note taking application. My first experiment is Kindle, with its Notes feature set.   In order to make a note,… Continue Reading →