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The Association for Software Testing is pleased to announce its ninth annual conference, CAST 2014 “The Art and Science of Testing”, to be held in New York, NY, August 11-13.To some, software testing is an outgrowth of engineering, mathematics and physics, while to others, testing is an exploration of psychology, philosophy or sociology. At CAST 2014, conference speakers will share their stories and experiences surrounding software testing, whether bound by rules and laws of science and experimentation, or expressed through creativity, imagination, and artistry.Join us this summer for our ninth annual conference in downtown New York City at the beautiful Kimmel Center located next to Washington Square Park  August 11-13, as we explore the art and science of testing.

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AST lines up unique interactive full-day tutorials each led by recognized thought leaders in their areas of expertise.Our hope is that CAST helps you advance the understanding and practice of testing at your organization and around the globe. You’ll have opportunities to share your ideas and learn from thought-leaders, trainers, authors, and peers.




CAST is more than a conference, it’s a unique opportunity to learn and discuss not found anywhere else. Each scheduled session is split into two parts. Two thirds of the session is a presentation by a speaker; however the balance of the time is a facilitated “open season”. This open season allows attendees to question, discuss, and test the presentation.What makes CAST truly unique is what takes place in the hallways, at receptions, and during meals. For many the true value of CAST is the ability to discuss topics you are interested in with peers, experts, and academics that are leading change in the industry.

Conference Co-Chairs

Anna Royzman

Anna Royzman is a Context-Driven Scholar and a Test Lead/Manager in a cross-functional team that delivers game-changing software in the financial industry, where “quality” is as important as the “time to market.” With a wealth of experience in the testing and quality assurance field, she has developed unique perspectives on quality leadership during the past decade. Anna organizes discussion panels, leads SIGs, creates workshops, and speaks at conferences to promote the value of skillful testing and the whole team approach to quality. She made her speaking debut at Emerging Topics at CAST 2011. In 2012, Anna started AST Leadership SIG, and serves as the SIG Chair. Anna is looking forward to make CAST 2014 an unforgettable experience for all.

Keith Klain is the Chief Operating Officer for Doran Jones, a technology consulting firm specializing in software testing and agile development. With 20 years of multinational experience in enterprise-wide testing programs, Keith has built and managed global test teams for financial services and IT consulting firms in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific. Keith is a current member of the board of directors for the Association for Software Testing and was the recipient of the 2013 Software Test Professionals Luminary award.

Program Co-Chairs

Bernie Berger is a founding member and former director-at-large of AST and had served as chair of AST’s by-laws and election committees. Since his first testing job in 1994 where he tested software that generated automated stock tickers, he has held various positions across Wall Street and is a proponent of skilled based testing in financial services firms. He is also the founder, advocate, and volunteer manager for STiFS (Software Testing in Financial Services), a free series of peer conferences which to date has run 9 conferences. He has recently been nominated as a Software Test Luminary Award candidate.

Paul Holland

Paul Holland is an independent software test consultant and teacher, he has more than eighteen years of hands-on testing and test management experience, primarily at Alcatel-Lucent where he led a transformation of the testing approach for two product divisions, making them more efficient and effective. As a test manager and tester, Paul focused on exploratory testing, test automation, and improving testing techniques. For the past six years, he has been consulting and delivering training to companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Intel, Intuit, HP, Premera Blue Cross, Mxi, and General Dynamics. Paul teaches the Rapid Software Testing course for Satisfice.


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