CASTx18 – Tutorials

Tutorial 1

Anne-Marie Charrett “Introduction to Coaching Testing”


The coaching that I do focuses on improving skill through questioning and practice to develop a deep understanding of testing and how to perform it.

A coach can learn how to help both testers and developers to:

  • Sharpen reasoning and critical thinking
  • Explain your testing and why you tested
  • Understand and deal with ambiguity
  • Deepen your understanding of the testing you perform

The coaching model that I use is being developed by myself and James Bach. It uses Socratic questioning to probe testing knowledge, challenging developers and testers alike to think deeper and through practice come to a greater understanding of what testing is as well as how to test in a better way.

The intent is for both student and coach to leave coaching feeling enthusiastic about testing, with the motivation to continue self-learning.

The tutorial will examine the coaching model. We will look at the following:

  • Socratic Questioning
  • Coaching Task
  • Managing a coaching session
  • Evaluating Coaching

Attendees will have the opportunity to observe, analyse, practice and steer coaching sessions throughout the day.

This workshop is suitable for testers, developers and leads who want to learn how to coach team members in either a remote or local environment.

Bio & photo

Anne-Marie Charrett is a software test consultant, trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and passion for Quality and the craft of software testing. Anne-Marie has developed software testing courses and lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney. She runs the Quality Engineering Meetup. Anne-Marie is available for work through her company Testing Times.

Anne-Marie advocates for software testing as a skilled activity to help provide information and threats to the quality of a product . She blogs at Maverick Tester and offers tweets @charrett

Tutorial 2

Katrina Clokie “Coding Do Re Mi”


Let’s start at the very beginning…

This tutorial is for testers who have no experience in coding to learn a few of the fundamentals through a one-day test-centric syllabus. In the morning we will start with a set of simple Java unit tests to learn about variables, methods, and classes. In the afternoon we will switch our focus to an end-to-end test that uses Selenium WebDriver to learn how to automate actions against a browser-based web application.

This tutorial is hands-on and targeted to testers without prior coding experience. Come along to learn the first few notes of test automation.

Bio & photo

Katrina Clokie leads a team of around 100 testers as a Test Practice Manager in Wellington, New Zealand.

Katrina is an active contributor to the international testing community as the founder and editor of Testing Trapeze magazine, a co-founder of the WeTest New Zealand testing community, a mentor with Speak Easy, an international conference speaker, frequent blogger and tweeter.


Tutorial 3

Scott Miles “Testing Strategies for Microservices”


Many organisations are adopting microservices as an approach to deliver value quickly and reduce complexity. This trend is driving a shift in the expectations and responsibilities of testers as test strategies focus on testing APIs instead of, or in addition to, user interfaces. At first glance, APIs can seem intimidating but in this hands-on workshop attendees will learn how the microservice architecture affects the testability of a system and gain practical experience implementing both contract tests and functional API tests for a basic REST API. This workshop will help you remain relevant in a rapidly shifting field and improve your strategy for testing microservices and APIs.


  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of microservice architecture
  • Understand the impact that microservices have on the testability of a system
  • Understand the common test strategies for testing microservices
  • Practical experience testing and debugging an API system
  • Practical experience writing automated functional API tests
  • Practical experience writing automated contract tests


Bio & photo

Scott Miles is an international speaker, published writer, workshop instructor and and testing enthusiast. He is a prominent member in the Melbourne testing community where he organises the local meetup group Test Engineering Alliance of Melbourne, the collaboration workshop Quality Exchange as well as the testing conferences Quality Software Australia and Australian Testing Days. Scott is employed as a Quality Champion at Aconex, the global leader in construction SAAS products, where he promotes the latest technologies and approaches to improve the quality of their products. Scott enjoys challenging what is accepted as standard practice and is always striving to get more out of his team and tools. To this end, Scott has published several articles and papers regarding the limitation of automation techniques and is constantly promoting the use of smarter and better tools.