Program Information

Organizations may purchase “member-years” for their employees at the following discount rates:

  • 12 member-years for the price of 10
  • 25 member-years for the price of 20
  • 100 member-years for the price of 75

A corporation purchasing 12 member-years may expend those member-years by naming one AST member for 12 years, 12 AST members for 1 year, or any other combination not to exceed 12 total member-years.

Terms & Conditions

Custom sized packages may be negotiated in addition to or separate from other programs covered in this policy. Custom packages must be approved by at least 2 current AST Directors/Officers who are not affiliated with the purchasing corporation. Under no circumstance will packages consist of member years at a price of less than 75% of the current price of annual membership.

For more information or to purchase email us: [email protected]