Problems computers (still) don't solve for us

This is a rant. Be warned.

I’m constantly using computers for professional and leisure purposes, and spread over several technologies. And it strikes me so often nowadays, that they have all come to suffer from the same troubles.

In more cases tha…

Problem patterns

I had a puzzling problem. I had noted for some time that one particular automated scenario often failed and yesterday it was time to dig deeper into that. The scenario was very simple: it searched for and displayed a persons name and address, then it …

New tools

I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday.
Tried them today.
I look awesome, they feel really great to wear.

But in the end it’s still my legs and lungs that must deliver the running.

Think about that before you invest money and time in a new to…

#LetsTest 2013 – it was HUGE!

Be there or be square – on of the first clichés I learned in english, and the most fitting description I can find for the question: What was LetsTest like this year ?

I don’t know exactly what made it such a huge experience. Was it that the venue pla…

Go DaRE=M – a heuristic for testing plans

It suddenly struck me, that I might need to put this one out in the blog space. For years I have used this heuristic, and although it might contain influences from others, I actually consider this my very own, home-made heuristic. Since forming it I’ve taught it in classes and even presented it in a Lightening Talk once – so it’s high time to put it more on "print"!

So, what is DaRE=M ? It’s a