Test Design

Refine your testing skills. Good testing requires the application of many different test techniques, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. Discover the differences between early and late testing and how that influences the test technique selection. Learn about the strengths and objectives of function testing, risk-based testing, specification-based testing, and domain testing.

Basic Information

Our third course in our online education series is Test Design. Good testing requires application of many test techniques. Each technique is better at exposing some types of problems and weaker for others. Participants will look at a few techniques more closely than the rest but do not become skilled practitioners of any single technique.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with a variety of test techniques.
  • Learn structures for comparing objectives and strengths of different test techniques.
  • Use the Heuristic Test Strategy Model for test planning and design.
  • Use concept mapping tools for test planning.

The course uses cases and scenarios distinguishing between early testing and later, more knowledgeable testing. Techniques emphasized include function testing, risk-based testing, specification-based testing, and domain testing.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of the Foundations course is required.

Students should expect to spend 12 – 14 hours per week working on the course.

Pricing – $250.00 USD


Note: You must be an AST member to attend these classes.

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